What are competitions?

FBLA-PBL holds yearly competitions between the best and brightest FBLA chapters have to offer. The FBLA National Awards Program recognizes and rewards excellence in a broad range of business and career related areas. These areas include technology and speaking oriented contests such as: Computer Concepts, Information Processing, Public Speaking, and Website Development.

The competitions start at the sectional or district level, some at state, where chapters may submit people to compete in the various competitions, and winners progress to the state, then national level. At the competitions there are many workshops that help the high school students develop leadership and business related skills and formalities.

The top ten competitors in each national-level event are featured on stage at the Awards of Excellence Program at the National Leadership Conference where they receive trophies and/or certificates. Some events are sponsored, adding a cash or scholarship award to the top competitors for that event.

List of Competitions

The following is a list of FBLA official competitions and events:

Chapter Events

Team Events

Individual or Team Events

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