Croton-Harmon High School Chapter Information

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Member List

Below is a roster of currently active members within the Croton-Harmon High School Chapter

Chapter History

The Croton-Harmon FBLA chapter was the brain child of their advisor, Lou Nardone, who had began the program in 2005 as a pilot club; a deal made with the board of education to see how FBLA operates and it's potential within the school system. Beginning with only five members in the very beginning, the chapters membership exploded within a few months; sky rocketing nearly 500%. Needless to say, the chapter was a smashing success, exceeding all expectations made by the board earlier that year. In September of 2006 the chapter was officially recognized by the Board of Education. The chapter has returned again in the 2007-2008 FBLA year, still as strong as ever.

Current Chapter Activity

  • Mentoring and assisting the middle school chapter.
  • Attending both State and National Conferences.
  • Chapter-wide Movie Nights.

Chapter Fundraising and Community Service

  • Selling of Otis Spunkmeyer cookies during school lunch periods for 50 cents each.
  • Car Washes held in front of the school.
  • Community Internet & Technology Days.
  • Community Movie Night.
  • March of Dimes Campaign.
  • Thomas D. Fitzgerald III Memorial Walk & the creation of the organizations website.
  • Bake Sales.
  • Popcorn Sales during lunch periods.
  • School Beautification.
  • Midnight Runs.

Future Chapter Plans

  • Increase local membership.
  • Plan district gatherings.
  • Outreach to a wider area for community events, i.e. advertising in local papers.

Chapter Awards and Recognition

District Awards and Recognition

  • First Place Battle of the Chapters
  • Second Place Coin Challenge

State Leadership Conference Awards and Recognition

National Leadership Conference Awards and Recognition

Previous Years