Wisconsin FBLAEdit

Wisconsin State FBLA InformationEdit

Wisconsin State Officers and Region ListEdit

  • President: Michelle Friedel, Portage
  • Vice President: Samantha Murphy, Cochrane-Fountain City
  • Secretary: Larissa Speerstra, Gilmanton
  • Treasurer: Ken Feldkamp, Gilman
  • Reporter: Anthony Pappenfus, Kenosha Tremper
  • Parliamentarian: Katharine Molinarolo, Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln
  • Region I VP: Breanna Minor, Superior
  • Region 2 VP: Bailey Reed, Loyal
  • Region 3 VP: Cassandra Kussow, Oconto Falls
  • Region 4 VP: Courtney Sutherland, LaCrosse Central
  • Region 5 VP: Kaitlyn Teal, Milton
  • Region 6 VP: Amber Zhou, Brookfield East

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